Customized investment portfolio management

Our Investment Philosophy

Our strategy for managing our clients’ portfolios is rooted in our commitment to offering customized financial solutions for every step in your financial journey. We devise a portfolio that’s tailored for your unique needs, while following best practices to help manage the volatility and risk as much as possible. We select from a variety of investment options to balance portfolio growth with asset protection, depending on your objectives and risk tolerance.

Income to Support Your Retirement

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One investment goal that we can help our clients achieve is supporting your retirement lifestyle with the income from your portfolio. Through proper investing, you can rely on your portfolio as a steady source of income throughout your retirement years, which can provide you with security and peace of mind that you won’t outlive your retirement savings.

Many people view retirement as a steady drawdown on your lifelong savings, and while it’s true that you should be able to draw from your retirement accounts during these years, Forteris can help you to invest wisely, protect your nest egg, and supplement your other sources of retirement income with your portfolio. 

Adapting to Your Life, Your Goals, and the Market

There is a great deal of investment advice out there, and while much of it is rooted in sound principles of investing, it simply doesn’t provide you with the customized approach that your financial journey deserves. At Forteris, we customize each portfolio we build to fit with your overall financial plan and goals. As you progress along your financial journey, we’ll continue to monitor and adjust your investments as necessary to keep you on track to your objectives.

These adjustments can occur on a regular basis as markets shift, as well as at certain milestones along your journey. As you draw closer to retirement, we can adjust your investments to lower the risk level and protect your nest egg from economic downturns. We can also adapt your investments as your goals change to better accommodate your changing vision of the future.
Whatever your goals are, and whatever you have to invest, the investment experts at Forteris can help you build a portfolio that’s designed to meet your unique needs and help bring you closer to your financial goals.

A Tax-Conscious Approach to Investing

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When deciding how to invest and how to best manage those investments, it’s important to consider how those investments and the growth of your portfolio will be taxed. While designing and managing your customized investment portfolio, our investment managers take a tax-conscious approach every step of the way. We can advise you on solutions such as charitable gifting of stocks, which can allow you to maintain your philanthropic goals while benefiting from reduced taxes on your investments. We help you minimize the capital gains taxes on your portfolio growth through careful asset selection and location.
When it comes to financial planning, what you earn is no more important than what you keep. That’s why Forteris strives to keep more money in your pocket by maintaining a tax-centered approach to managing your portfolio and investments.

Coordinated with Your Bigger Financial Picture

Our Investment Philosophy

Your investments are only a part of the grander plan. At Forteris, we believe in taking a coordinated, holistic approach to managing your investments by treating them as only a small piece in the bigger picture. We help to get your investments working in harmony with your other assets—like your retirement accounts, Social Security benefits, and other income sources—so that all of your finances are working together to drive you closer to your financial goals.

Our investment team has decades of experience, and have handled portfolios of all sizes and risk levels. Whether you’re looking to aggressively grow your portfolio, invest more conservatively, or live off of your steady portfolio income, we can help. Contact Forteris today and schedule a consultation with one of our portfolio managers. We’ll sit down with you to discuss your investments, financial goals, and other important factors, then devise a customized investment plan that fits your needs—both now and in the future.


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