Retirement Planning

Are You Retirement Ready? Our Clients Are.

Feelings of uncertainty when approaching your retirement years are common and completely normal. After decades as an income-earner, the prospect of no longer having a wage and living off of your savings and investments can seem daunting. But the team at Forteris can help you put those fears to rest by building a customized retirement plan that helps you feel prepared for and confident in your future.

Envisioning Your Retirement Years

Envisioning Your Retirement Years

A successful retirement plan begins by envisioning what your retirement will look like, and how that vision translates to measurable retirement goals. Do you intend to simply scale back on your hours and work part-time? Will you begin an encore career? Or do you intend to fully retire, relax, and never work again? You should also address questions about your lifestyle and how you intend to spend your retirement years: traveling, starting new hobbies, downsizing, investing in a vacation home, etc.

When beginning your retirement plan, our advisors will sit down with you to discuss questions like these, and determine how your goals can fit within a structured retirement plan. Because your goals and the lifestyle you envision for your retirement will be different from anyone else’s, your retirement plan will be completely unique to you as well. We’ll build a customized retirement plan that’s structured around your goals and lifestyle, and ensure that it keeps you on track to the retirement you’ve dreamed of.

Understanding Your Retirement Accounts

Unfortunately, a large number of Americans have saved very little for their future retirement. Those who have, often don’t understand the best way to leverage their retirement accounts for the maximum benefit now and in the future. Each type of retirement account—401(k), Roth IRA, traditional IRA, and so on—can have both immediate and long-term benefits for your finances.

The retirement advisors here at Forteris can help you to better understand how to effectively invest in these retirement accounts now, and the best times to draw from these accounts in the future. We’ll explain the immediate tax benefits of contributing to a traditional IRA for your current finances, and weigh those benefits against the tax-free income of Roth IRA withdrawals in the future. By effectively balancing and managing your retirement investments and future cash flow, you can get more from your retirement accounts and spend less in taxes.

If you’re like the many Americans who are uncertain of how to properly invest in your various retirement accounts, contact Forteris today. We’ll go over your current finances and future plans to help you develop an investment strategy and contribution schedule that provides you with the most secure future possible.

Planning Beyond Your Last Day of Work

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Many people view their retirement as a finish line. Their retirement strategies are based on reaching a certain savings goal by a certain date, and they tend not to look beyond that last day of work. However, a truly effective retirement strategy—one that will provide you with peace of mind and stability year after year—continues throughout your retirement.

At Forteris, we look beyond your retirement date and consider the bigger picture of your retirement lifestyle. We help you to more effectively manage the investments that you made during your working years so that you have consistent, reliable cash flow from one month to the next. We can even help manage your portfolio to allow for continued growth that will supplement your retirement income.

Understanding how to manage your finances in retirement is just as crucial as saving for your retirement. At Forteris, we take a more comprehensive approach to retirement planning to ensure that your plan carries you through your final day of work, and onwards to a secure, prosperous future throughout your retirement years.

Are You Ready to Take the First Step?

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How secure do you feel in your retirement plan? Do you look forward to your retirement with excitement and confidence in the years to come? Or are you anxious about outliving your money, not having a steady income, and struggling with unexpected expenses? If you don’t feel retirement ready, contact Forteris today. Our experienced retirement planners will help you create a retirement plan that’s customized to your goals and personal needs, so you can look to the future with complete peace of mind.


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