A Tax-Centered Approach to Financial Planning

Benjamin Franklin famously said, “nothing is certain but death and taxes." Taxes are an inevitable part of life, yet far too many people don’t take those taxes into consideration when planning for their financial futures. When it comes to financial planning, what you keep is just as important as what you earn. That’s why we believe in taking a tax-centered approach to all aspects of your financial plan. From your investments to your retirement income, we keep taxes in mind every step of the way.

Minimize Taxes on Your Retirement Income

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When you’re on a fixed income in your retirement years, taxes can become a serious burden. Proper tax planning during this time of your life can provide peace of mind that you won’t be saddled with an enormous tax bill when you file your return. We help you to better plan out your retirement cash flow, providing expert guidance on when to take your Social Security benefits, which retirement accounts to draw down first, and how to manage your investments to minimize your taxes year after year.

Through proper tax planning, you may be able to save thousands of dollars each year. Our tax planners can discuss your retirement cash flow options and develop a strategy to reduce the taxes you pay in your retirement. That’s more money in your pocket, helping you to fulfill your retirement goals.

Manage Your Capital Gains Taxes

The growth of your portfolio can be an opportunity for passive income both during your career and throughout your retirement, helping to supplement your other income sources over the years. However, those investments are subject to capital gains taxes, which can significantly cut into your profits. We can help you to design and manage a more tax-efficient investment portfolio and utilize strategies like gifting stocks to charities as a means of further minimizing your capital gains taxes.

Tax-efficient management of your investments is a vital tool in maximizing your net worth growth year after year. Our tax planners and investment managers can analyze your existing portfolio for tax inefficiencies and help you to understand how to keep more of your growing investments and spend less in taxes each year. With Forteris, we’ll help you continue to enjoy the benefits of a thriving portfolio while minimizing the tax burden that comes with it.

Minimize Estate Taxes and Protect Your Legacy

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For those with a sizable estate, taxes can take a large share of what you hope to leave to your heirs. At Forteris, we understand how important it is to provide for those that you leave behind. Our tax-centered financial planning approach keeps the inevitability of taxes in mind through every stage of your financial journey, including when planning for your final estate. We’ll work in conjunction with your estate attorneys and accountants to ensure that your estate is being handled in the most tax-efficient way possible, so that you leave more to your loved ones and less to the IRS.

Estate taxes can vary from state to state, so it’s important to work with a financial planner who is familiar with your state’s specific estate tax laws. We can sit down with you to discuss your estate needs and develop strategies that allow you to minimize any taxes attached to your legacy. We may advise strategies such as setting up certain kinds of trusts, utilizing planned gifting for your heirs during your lifetime, and more. Whatever your goals are for your estate, we’ll help you devise a strategy that protects your legacy and ensures your loved ones are provided for.

The Best Time to Start Tax Planning Is Now

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Tax planning can have benefits for everyone, no matter what stage you’re at in your financial journey. Are you just starting out in your career? We’ll help you take advantage of tax mitigation strategies such as contributing to specific retirement plans, bunching deductions, and more. Are you transitioning into retirement? We’ll help you manage your cash flow every month to keep taxes as low as possible throughout your retirement years.

At Forteris, we keep taxes in mind through every stage of your financial plan, because we know that taxes will be a part of every stage of your life. Contact our tax planners today to schedule a consultation, and start discussing how you can develop a more tax-efficient financial plan today.


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